Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Fear of change

Life goes on. So lets move on. And talk about the most common yet least admitted fear - Kainotophobia - the fear of change.

We, the humans, have a high tendency to ignore change. Not only deny it, we resist it too. If we look around in nature, we find that animals are far more adaptive and flexible towards change. They always look ready to move to new pastures. Some migrate as if a routine. But we. We wait. for new grass to come up. We sometime wait so much that we sometimes even perish in wait. I really can't figure out how we evolved as most deveoped species despite having these traits. May be these traits are recently acquired ones. Whatever!!

Crux is that most of us fear change. We are scared of getting out-dated. If not extinct. But I have seen more reasons. Some of us are just too lazy to change. No attitude. No will.  Worse, some are just too dumb to get it. But until forced, no one wants to change. This one point I want to highlight today. We really don't change unless something forces it upon us - sometimes its professional. Sometimes its personal obligation. Seldom we change because we want to.

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