Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Habit 9: Agents of Change

If The Joker be an agent of chaos, the innovative people are Agents of Change. They don't fear change. They bring change. They adapt and evolve with change.

Why is it so important to change? No, I don't say that you would perish if you do not adapt. Otherwise old wouldn't be gold. I have different thoughts about it. I feel it is important to change if you want to innovate. Let me explain it further. We are used to working in a routine fashion. With time, we slowly become expert in that routine. So far things remains in that well accustomed domain, we are good. We grow so used-to of the situations that we stop thinking about improvements and improvisations. And slowly mediocrity starts sinking into us. We start getting habitual of sub-standard stuff. Now you are intelligent enough to know its ramifications.

My focus today is not why you should learn to change. It is up-to you, you want to or not. But if you want to be a successful innovator, you will have learn to create change and to adapt with change. That is the point am trying to highlight.

Innovation demands change. The demand itself is the problem. And that problem, if solved, will lead to a better solution. An innovative solution. So you should not wait for circumstances to change. And then follow the wind and adapt with change. This is what you do to survive. not to innovate.

Innovators do it other way. They innovate and thus, cause change.

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Don’t be cannon fodder « Confessions of an Innovative Mind said...

[...] Survival is must. So that goes without saying that you need to do what it takes to survive. But beyond that, don’t just keep changing with time. Change the time. Be the Agent of Change. [...]