Monday, July 21, 2008

Perception is bigger than facts

Its not a fair world. And it turns out that its not logical too. Perception matters more. More than facts. Reason. Logic. And Rationale.

So what you does not matter as much as what I perceive that you do. Now what would you do? You can close yourself in your shell and keep doing what you feel like. Like hell you care. Good. Go ahead and do that. But what if I am a stakeholder in your work. Then you like it or not, you need to bother yourself with what I think about you and your work.

Dear friend, this is how this world goes. And if you don't fix the perception, you go down the drain. The whole politics (Poly - tics :)) thing runs on perception instead of facts. Who has time to find the facts. And if you have the facts, may be I am too busy to analyze them. May be I don't have patience enough to verify them. May be I am full of mental filters. So I am going to jump on conclusion. And with my Ego at stake, I will choose my perception over your reasoning.

Now this is some thing you can not fix about this world. Only option you have is to make your make your way through it. So start caring about what people think about you. You can't live in isolation. You will have to fall in line. Ah! your ego hurts doing it. How you will sleep now?

Look, you need to detach your ego from what you do. Be witness. You do it but don't invest your emotions and feelings in it. Easier said than done. But then realize this. What is that you want? What are your priorities? OK if can't keep your feelings away. Then you will have to make extra effort to reach to me and explain me your side of story. So the onus will now lie on you. You will have to go that extra mile. But if you want to do it your way and want others to understand it. You will have to make that extra effort. Without this you will not be satisfied. You can not be happy. Don't you want others to appreciate your work? So either do it their way or be patient and make them understand.

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