Friday, July 18, 2008

She sells Sea shells on the Sea Shore

Yeah. yeah. You can speak it. May be fast enough too. But that not am talking about exactly. You know whats the tricky part in this tongue-twister? Sells. Shells. Sells. Shells. So its about selling. There. You got me now. So tell me one thing. Was I able to sell it to you? Hell yes. You are still reading me.

So that's the deal am talking about. It all about selling. Do YOU know how to sell? Shut up if you were about to say its MBA stuff. Because its not. And don't tell me its not something techies need to worry about. Because you know it very well. You wouldn't have forgotten your last appraisal so soon.

So dear. You need to know how to sell. If you don't want to take bath, you still need to sell that idea to your mom, to you wife....whoever shouts at you more. So next point is, we already know how to sell. Only we are able to sells somethings better than other things. And why is that?

Think. Think.

That is because the things you sell better are the things you really wish to sell. Are the things that you believe in. You really really want them to. And also happen to know about them. Off course. And that is what that gives you the motivation and the energy to convince others. Unless you believe in it, how can you sell it to others? You can't convince others juts like that. So if you want to sell something - you have to REALLY want to sell. Now hey, just your conviction in your idea won't do. You need hard facts too. And a good story as well. And then how to weave the two together, will decide how good you sell it.

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