Friday, August 29, 2008

Deepest desires and worst fears will always come true

Things that we fear most always take shape right in front of us. So thus the most desired things too. What could be the relation between the two? I have a hunch that when we are fearing something so much, we are probably erasing the boundary between fear and desire. The subconscious mind is so much focused on that one thing that it probably forget it wants it to happen or does not wants it to happen. But then why it is so biased towards happening and not towards not happening.

I have a weird thought about it. When the consciousness of universe touches your consciousness it only gets a image of what it is on focused. Ignoring what you mind and circumstances want from it. The consciousness of universe is only looking for things it can make happen. That's probably why it is so biased towards happening.

Now the obvious question is can we tweak it? May be there is a way to do that. But I won't know it. How can you program your consciousness. I don't think we can want enough something that we really get it. It has to come from within.

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