Saturday, January 17, 2009

Privacy and Internet

The biggest casualty of terror I see is the privacy. Governments across the globe are embarrassing themselves with privacy invading laws. And people are are somehow OK with it.

With that companies too are finding ways to creep into your browsers, hiding behind cool features. And we are unknowingly letting them know so much about us. Needless to name, you-know-who is leading the pack. We don't realize but the browsing habits can reveal so much about out personality, our habits and our needs. Think about it, if you are selling a brand of gadget. Won't you be ready to shell out good money just to know, if people are searching more for your brand or your rivals ones. That, in which area, which time of year, and so on. The one you buy this information from captured from it for free.

Now whatever you do, people are so scarred these days, they don't mind being watched. Now you can fight for your and their privacy. Or. Be the evil lord and make use their fear. I would recommend later. Cause, if you don't someone else. So its better be someone lesser evil.

The time is ripe for hitting the market with such products. Trust is all time low. Lower than Mr. Bush's popularity ever was. This is best time to sell surveillance products. Both hardware and software. In coming years, it will only get easier to sell software that will capture data directly where is generates. Without human interventions. Managers don't trust their employees anymore. They want the information right out of the your machine. You don't have to fill time sheets anymore. Won't you would be fudging it anyway. Because you don't trust you employer with honest reporting.

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