Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What will beat iPad?

iPad, as useful/useless a device it may be, is a significant innovation (or lack of?). Nothing can deny its success among Apple fanboys. Assuming people are actually comfortable using a pad than a netbook than obvious question is what will be next?  My guess is that it will be 3D Pads. I haven't heard of any prototype yet. Nearest I could google up was this 3D Drawing Pad but this is certainly no-where close to what we are talking about. We know 3D TVs are already here. What remains is getting it into our hands. With 3D content development already started, my guess is that we shall start seeing such a product becoming reality by 2012 (given that world doesn't ends). I just pray that whenever it comes, its running on Chromium instead of iPhone OS :)

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